Washdown Guns

Washdown Guns
Every day Manufacturing and Industrial companies use more than 110 millions litres of water – in the Sydney Region alone! These statistics may not be news to many people , however we still do not take even the simple steps. When you consider that a leak of as little as a quarter per second can cost as much as $15,000 per annum – imagine what one of your washdown hoses left one for a period of time will do !

A 1” ID wash down hose left on, can loose more than 500 litres per minute down the drain – then multiple that though out your entire plant. Our SuperKlean washdown equipment range is designed with water saving features as their basis.

- Water saving Wash down trigger guns
- Light weight ergonomic designs that reduce injury and fatigue on operators.
- Safe and easy to use.
- Full Safety featured – Steam / Water mixers.
- Hot and Cold Water mixers.
- Ergomic and hose saving , swivel connectors.
- Lead Free construction.
- Front and rear trigger wash down guns available.