RI Series - Ruby Insert Fog Nozzle

RI Series - Ruby Insert impingement Nozzle

Constructed of a 316 stainless steel body with ruby insert, 316SS impingement pin and extended polypropylene filter to trap particles in the base of the nozzle. High-pressure water at 50 to 70 bar jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter resulting in billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets

Applications such as :

- Turbine cooling

- Dust Suppression

- Deodourising

- Gas Cooling

- Condenser and Turbine adiabatic cooling

DEFECTIVE Ruby inserts can severly damage Turbine blades and peripherals

When operated at high pressure, a small crack in the ruby insert orifice will critically damage the costly turbine parts. Therefore, all our Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles undergo 100% microscopic vision inspection to ensure flawless quality.