Cut gaskets, with/without metal eyelet

Description: The simple flat gasket cut from sheet material remains the most widely used method of flange sealing. However, in todays world of environmental awareness and the need for ever tighter control of emissions, those gaskets may not meet all the latest mandatory regulations. TEADIT has met these ever increasing demands and laws regarding environmental and safety issues (e.g. TA-Luft) by developing a full range of gaskets reinforced with metal eyelets. Material properties: GASKETS: The main characteristics of gaskets cut from our wide range of jointings, are good adaptability to rough or uneven sealing surfaces, excellent resistance against gases and fluids at high pressure and fluctuating temperature, as well as resistance against aggressive media. The following TEADIT jointing materials are available: Compressed fiber sheets: - TEADIT NA 1002: Aramid fibers with NBR - TEADIT NA 1040: Cellulose fibers with NBR - TEADIT NA 1100: Carbon- and graphite fibers with NBR Graphite sheets: - TEADIT GP 1520: pure flexible graphite, no insert - TEADIT GR 1520: with plain metal insert, SS 316 - TEADIT GE 1520: with tanged metal insert, SS 304, SS 316 PTFE-sheets: - TEADIT 24 SH: multi-directionally expanded pure PTFE sheet - TEALON 1570: restructured PTFE sheet, filled with hollow glass micro spheres - TEALON 1580: restructured PTFE sheet, filled with Barium Sulphate - TEALON 1590: restructured PTFE sheet, filled with Silica GASKETS WITH METAL EYELET: Material for metal eyelet: 316 TI (1.4571) Advantages: - High resistance against blow-out - Approval for use with dangerous gases in connection with smooth flanges, according to UVV 61 for gases, and VdT