Material properties:TEADIT 25 BI is a multidirectionally expanded gasket-tape, produced from 100% pure PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylen). The whole production process is subject to strictest quality control, registered under ISO 9001.
Application areas:TEADIT 25 BI - due to its excellent malleability and adaptability - is particularly well suited to compensate for irregularities or damages on the sealing areas, as well as for all stress-sensitive joints.A special manufacturing process results in almost equal tensile strength in both the longitudinal and cross direction. As a result of this, the material does not change its width under compression. This is in stark contrast to normal expanded PTFE tapes! TEADIT 25 BI, because of this property, is extremely well suited as a gasket material for narrow sealing areas and in all applications where a defined gasket width (under load) is required.
Typical applications are enamelled and glass flanges, heat exchangers, large flanges and containers, pressure vessels, suction filters and strainers, etc.
Technical data: Density: 0,70 g/cm³   +/-0,1 g/cm³Thermal stability: from -240°C up to +260°C; up to 310°C  for short periodsChemical resistance: chemically inert against most substances (pH 0 -14), including the most aggressive acids and lyes. The only exceptions are molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperatures and pressures.Ageing: TEADIT 25 BI does not age and can be stored indefinitely. (Please note: adhesive tape has a limited shelf life)Colour: white Recovery: 10 %Compressibility: 70 %Pressure: from vacuum up to 200 bar (depending on operational conditions and installation)Minimum assembly pressure: s VU = 28,0 MPa (test medium: nitrogen / testing pressure: 40 bar / tightness class: L0,01< 0,01 mg / sm)Gasket factor: m = 2,8 (test medium: nitrogen / testing pressure: 40 bar / tightness class: L0,01< 0,01 mg / sm)Maximum gasket pressure:  s VO = 150 MPa (at ambient temperature)
 Others: TEADIT 25 BI is physiologically harmless, tasteless, odourless, does not contaminate and is non-toxic. This pure PTFE-product does not contain asbestos and is also free from any other lung damaging components. TEADIT 25 BI will not be influenced by micro-organisms and fungi.
Advantages:- quick and simple installation, no cutting or punching necessary- the used gasket can be easily removed without leaving any deposits on the sealing areas- excellent malleability makes the repair of minor damages and irregularities unnecessary- extremely versatile because of  exceptionally good chemical and thermal stability- there is less danger of choosing the wrong gasket material because TEADIT 25 BI can be used for most applications within the plant- longer gasket life (less downtime)- no material waste - low stock cost, unlimited shelf life (note: adhesive strip has endless shelf life)Please contact our technical or sales department for detailed installation instructions, available dimensions, product standards, prices, etc.