Material properties:TEADIT 24 BF is a non-asbestos gasket material made from pure virgin PTFE and dimension-stabilizing filler material. The whole production process is subject to strict quality control, registered under DIN EN ISO 9001.
Application areas:TEADIT 24 BF is particularly well suited for narrow sealing surfaces, high assembly pressures, high operating temperatures, thermal cycling. It also compensates well for out-of-parallel and/or damaged sealing surfaces.
Technical data:Temperature range:  - 240°C up to 260°C, for short periods up to 310°CChemical resistance:  resistant against all chemicals from pH 0-13 except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure.Limited applicability for highly concentrated caustic media at temperatures above 100°CPressure resistance:  vacuum up to 200 barDensity:  1,0 g/cm3,   +/- 0,1g/cm3 Aging resistance: TEADIT 24 BF does not age (please note: adhesive tape has limited shelf life!)Colour:  whiteOthers:   TEADIT 24 B is physiologically harmless. It has no smell or taste. It is neither contaminating nor toxic. It fulfills the FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 Perfluorcarbon Regulations