Material: TEADIT style 3070 FDA is constructed from expanded, filled PTFE-fibres, impreganted with PTFE-dispersion and an inert mineral oil which conforms to FDA regulationsProperties: Style 3070 FDA is a braided PTFE-tube, formed into various rectangular cross sections. This makes an excellent static seal which can be used with a wide variety of media, including the most aggressive ones.Application areas: Static seal for metallic and non metallic flanges, covers, lids, hatches, chemical reactors, etc. Application media: TEADIT 3070 FDA can be used in connection with most liquid and gaseous substances, even very aggressive ones.Advantages: Because style 3070 FDA is soft and pliable - yet strong and durable - it conforms easily to surface irregularities and/or damage which one can often find on the sealing faces of lids, hatches and doors. Chemically inert from pH 0 to 14. Quick and easy to install, comes off without leaving any residue on sealing surface. Not suitable for: Molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds at high temperatures and pressures, oxygen.