Material: Diagonally braided from acrylic fibre, impregnated throughout with pure graphite powder and an inert lubricant.Properties: Style 2808 is a dense, yet soft and pliable packing with good heat transmitting properties. The combination of the synthetic fibre, pure graphite powder and a high-temperature break-in lubricant results in a packing with very low shaft wear and good durability.Application areas: Multi-purpose packing which can be used for dynamic and static applications in pumps, mixers, kneaders and valves in all sorts of industries.Application media: TEADIT style 2808 covers a wide variety of media like water, brine, mild acids and lyes, most chemicals, abrasive substances etc.Advantages: Economical all-round packing for many applications within a plant, not shaft scouring.Not suitable for: Concentrated acids and lyes, oxygen.