Material: Diagonally braided from synthetic yarn (Novoloid), impregnated with PTFE-dispersion and a silicone free lubricant.Properties: Excellent general service pump and valve packing, Teadit style 2777 is very pliable and conforms readily to stuffing box configurations, installs easily and needs only minimal gland torque and few adjustments. Covers a wide variety of applications in many industries.Application areas: Teadit style 2777 can be used in most pump and valve applications in the chemical industry, pulp- and paper mills, marine service and many more.Application media: Teadit style 2777 covers a pH range from 1 - 13 and can be used with water, brine, steam, acids, lyes, chemicals, solvents, liquors, oils and greases, etc.Advantages: Very flexible and hard-wearing all-round packing, does not harden and is not abrasive (no shaft wear), no electrolytic pitting, non-contaminating (does not leach colour), high extrusion resistance.Not suitable for: Concentrated or hot sulphuric- (>60%) and nitric acid (>10%), highly concentrated alkalis.