Material: Diagonally braided from a blue synthetic yarn, impregnated throughout with PTFE-dispersion, lubricated with silicone oil.Properties: TEADIT style 2700 is a good general service pump- and valve packing. High thermal and chemical resistance coupled with good mechanical strength. The low coefficient of friction of this supple packing prevents shaft wear. Application areas: Style 2700 can be used for demanding applications in rotary and piston pumps, mixers and stirrers, sliders and valves in a wide variety of different industries.Application media: Style 2700 covers a pH-range of 0 - 12 and can be used with water, steam, brine, acids, diluted alkalis, chemicals, solvents, petroleum derivatives etc.Advantages: Flexible and hard-wearing all-round packing, does not damage shafts or spindles, non-contaminating, high mechanical strength - resists high pressures and extrusion.Not suitable for: Polar solvents, concentrated alkalis, highly oxidizing agents, oxygen