Material:Round packing braided from 100% pure PTFE-tapes, wrapped with a layer of PTFE-tapes.Properties: TEADIT style 2124 is an extremely pliable and durable valve stem packing. Made of 100% pure PTFE, it has excellent chemical and thermal resistance, as well as an exceptionally low level of friction and adhesion. BAM approval.Application areas: Although predominately a valve packing, style 2124 can also be used as a static seal in many different areas. Application media: TEADIT style 2124 can be used in connection with most liquid and gaseous substances, including oxygen. Excellent all-purpose valve stem packing for many different industries.Advantages: Because of the suppleness of the pure PTFE-material, style 2124 can be installed in spiral form - this reduces installation time. When compressed, the spiral becomes a solid, impervious and extremely durable PTFE-sleeve. The low coefficient of friction facilitates easy valve stem movement. BAM approved for used with oxygen.Not suitable for: Molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds at high temperatures and pressures