Material: TEADIT style 2070 is diagonally braided from a proprietory yarn which consists of a core of Aramid fibers totally encased by gPTFE (PTFE with incorporated graphite), lubricated with silicone oil.Properties: The unique, patented TEADIT EGK® yarn gives this exceptional packing exceptional properties. Every single yarn owns the most desirable charactaristics: high mechanical strength - from the Aramid core - and the superior chemical resistance, self lubrication, low coefficient of friction and excellent heat dissipation from the external PTFE/graphite jacket. Chloride content < 20 ppmApplication areas: Style 2070 is an ideal packing for applications requiring highest chemical resistance and mechanical strength. It is recommended for rotating and reciprocating pumps, valves, mixers, agitators, etc., in the chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries. TEADIT 2070 is particularly suited for the demanding applications in refiners, digestores, pressure cyclons and similar equipment in the pulp and paper industry.Application media: The superior extrusion resistance of style 2070 - four times higher than conventional PTFE/graphite packings - makes it an ideal packing for applications with chemically aggressive fluids at high shaft speeds and high pressures. It can also be used in connection with water, sewage, steam, inert and aggressive gases, solvents, mineral oils and greases, abrasive media and many more.Advantages: Because this exclusive packing - manufactured only by TEADIT - can be used in most applications by most industries, it can lower stock volumes considerably. No other packing combines so many advantages: the strength of Aramid - without its abrasiveness and limited chemical resistance- and the suppleness, chemical resistance, low coefficient of friction and heat dissipation of PTFE/graphite - but without its extrusion problems at high pressures.Not suitable for: Molten alkali metals and fluorine compounds at high temperatures and pressures, oxygen.