Material: Diagonally braided from pure PTFE-yarn, reinforced throughout its body with durable Aramid. Impregnated with PTFE-dispersion and silicone oil.Properties: The construction of TEADIT 2003/Z combines the outstanding properties of tough and durable Aramid with the chemical resistance and malleability of PTFE. This results in an excellent general purpose packing capable of running at high speeds with minimal shaft wear. Exceptional extrusion resistance at high pressures. We recommend a shaft hardness of >= 60 HRC.Application areas: Ideal for rotary and piston pumps, mixers, stirrers, digesters and valves in a wide variety of industries: pulp and paper, petrochemical, sugar, fertilizer, food industry, etc.Application media: TEADIT 2003/Z can be used in connection with many different media including abrasive ones: cold and hot water, steam, solvents, oils and greases, diluted acids and lyes, brine, sewage, slurries, etc.Advantages: Excellent extrusion resistance and long packing life. Lower shaft wear in abrasive slurry applications. Very versatile packing.Not suitable for: Highly concentrated acids and lyes, alkali metals, fluorine and fluorine compounds at high temperatures, oxygen.