Material: Diagonally braided from pure PTFE yarn, reinforced with Aramid yarn at the corners, impregnated with PTFE-dispersion and lubricated with silicone oil.Properties: High performance multi-yarn packing combining the advantages of chemically inert PTFE with those of strong and durable Aramid. Multipurpose packing for valves, rotary- and piston pumps. We recommend a shaft hardness of >= 60 HRC.Application areas: For pumps, valves and plungers in connection with nearly all media - also abrasive ones - where long packing life is required. Particularly suited for use in high pressure piston pumps.Application media: Suited for nearly all media including steam, oils, solvents, diluted acids and alkalies. Also for abrasive media like sand, slurry, sewage, brine etc.Advantages: Long packing life in connection with abrasive media. Extremely pressure resistant in piston pumps. Suitable for a wide range of media.Not suitable for: Concentrated acids and lyes, oxygen, lacquers and paint.