Handling and Installing corrugated metal hose


Our Corrugated Flexible Metal Hoses have rigorously been developed and manufactured to the highest standards.

They are reliable and safe in service and can be expected to provide a long service life, however this is only possible if the hose is correctly selected, installed and handled with care by all operators.

a) correct handling and careful treatment

Hoses must be protected against external mechanical damage. They should therefore not be dragged along the floor or across sharp edges, and during operation they must not come into contact with one another or other adjacent objects.

 To unwind a coiled hose, it should be unrolled in plane, not pulled from one end. Pulling at one end of the hose coil causes excessively tight bend radii and torsional stresses.

Use a support to prevent sagging and sharp buckling of the hose behind the fittings. A travelling roller or guide chain may be necessary.

If external mechanical stresses (e.g. dragging along the floor) cannot be avoided, the hose must, depending on the degree of stress, be protected either by an external spiral wire spring guard or by another protective hose (eg. strip wound hose).

Excessive bending stresses must be avoided by using a pulley or proper hose sling or hose support saddle dimensioned according to the permissible bend radius of the hose.