Jampak and the Seal Cage System

Properties: The patented TEADIT JAMPAK Seal-Cage System improves the performance and reliability of injectable packing compounds.
The idea to inject a soft, malleable and fibrous packing compound into the stuffing box, instead of using relatively hard braided packing rings, is not a new one. However, due to various reasons it has not been successful and this system has never become popular.
The patented TEADIT Jampak Seal-Cage-System, in conjunction with the specially formulated TEADIT Jampak packing compounds, significantly improves the integrity and reliability of injectable packing compound for shaft sealing.
1. Considerably less down time
2. Longer working intervals of pump, because additional packing compound may be injected during operation
3. Less leakage (zero (visible) leakage is almost possible) 
4. NO flush water necessary. This saves on water and waste-water
5. Hardly any shaft- or sleeve wear
6. Less maintenance effort - less maintenance cost
7. Saves on energy due to less friction on shaft
8. No sudden breakdown of pump due to packing or seal failure, because additional  packing compound can be injected during operation
Application areas: Our research has shown that process or equipment disturbances are the leading causes of injectable packing compound failures. Sudden pressure or flow fluctuations, suction or discharge cavitation, shaft deflection, vibrations or worn shafts all contribute to extrusion failures.
The TEADIT Jampak Seal-Cage-System has been designed to prevent injectable compound extrusion. The rails of the Seal-Cage-System act like a rake to grip the injectable packing compound, holding it in place. 
At the same time this system enables the braided packing end rings to be (and stay) pre-loaded - this is NOT possible without the JAMPAK Seal-Cage-System -  to the shaft and bore of the stuffing box, which further helps to prevent extrusion.
Savings: Our customers are reporting significant savings of time, energy, flush water and stock costs in their facilities. Especially the ecological advantages of saving water - and therefore also waste water - and the reduced maintenance requirements are causing more and more factories to use the TEADIT Jampak Seal-Cage-System for shaft sealing.
The advantage that the shaft seal can not fail suddenly - as is the case with mechanical seals and sometimes also braided packings - (because packing compound can be re-injected during operation, which immediately reduces excessive leakage to an acceptable level) is also adding to the fact that this system has become a real alternative to conventional shaft seals and a problem solving solution.
TEADIT has - with the development of the Seal-Cage-Systems - made the concept of injectable packing compound work correctly and reliably. But not only this, TEADIT has also
+ modified and enhanced the injection gun and its connecting system, which makes injecting the packing compound easier
+ developed new versions of packing compound for specific applications
+ designed various accessories which make installing and working with the JAMPAK Seal-Cage-System quicker and easier
The TEADIT Jampak Seal-Cage-System consists of the following parts:
- Jampak injection gun kit
- Jampak packing compounds
- Jampak Seal-Cage-System
Additional accessories:
- Sure-Cut  hand packing cutter
- Sure-Cut maintenance kit with spare blade and pocket sharpener
- Two piece packing tamping tool set and packing extraction hooks
- Jampak saw kit: mitre box, saw blade, precision knife blade and handle for precise cutting of Seal-Cages
- Master pin pack I + II
- Jampak Seal-Cage-System Installation-CD-Rom with text, pictures and videos