Jampak Accessories - Hand-packing-cutter

Properties:Perfect 45° "skive-cuts" or 90° "butt-cuts" are accomplished by holding the packing firmly onto the textured table, thus preventing the packing from moving and allowing the blade of the cutter to distort as it cuts the packing.Instruction of use:To change the guide fence position, make sure  the blade is "pressed down" below the table top. Do not change the guide fence position with the blade open!! Push up the fence spring retainer button on the under-side of the table (see sketch below) and turn the fence until the alignment-pins align with the holes in the table.
Application areas:Cuts all "soft" packings like flexible graphite, PTFE, gPTFE, Acryl, Ramie, Polyimid, etc., but is not meant to cut packings made from pure Aramid. Can also be used to cut O-ring material, rubber- and silicone profiles, etc.Sure-Cut Maintenance Kit:Includes 1pc. pocket sharpener and 1 replacement blade kit (new blade and drive pin).

Keep your Sure-Cut Packing-Cutter blade sharp with our 2-stage pocket sharpener which is equipped with preset ceramic sharpening rods. The coarse side removes blade imperfections while the fine side restores the sharp cutting edge.

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