Jampak 26 - injectable packing compound

Injectable packing compound made from a blend of synthetic fibers, impregnated with a proprietary oil-grease mixture
Material composition:The injectable TEADIT JAMPAK 26 sealant is made up from a mixture of  high-grade synthetic fibers and a balanced compound of different oils, greases and binders. It is this special combination of  fibers and binders which makes nearly leak free operation  possible.  TEADIT JAMPAK 26 is not contaminating and physiologically harmless, the lubricants are FDA conform for use with foodstuff and "clean" applications.
Application areas:JAMPAK 26 can be used with rotating equipment like pumps, pulpers, mixers, etc., but also in piston pumps and valves.
Properties:TEADIT JAMPAK 26 is a malleable sealant which can be re-injected during operation, i.e. without having to interrupt the production process. This is in contrast to conventional packings and mechanical seals. Because of the extremely low coefficient of friction of the malleable JAMPAK sealant, it does not depend on flush water or extensive leakage for cooling or lubrication. This reduces frictional heat - which often causes problems for  conventional packings rings - this makes the system run cooler, avoids shaft scoring and can effectively reduce energy costs and down time.
Advantages:1. Considerably less down time2. Longer working intervals of pump, because additional packing compound may be injected during operation3. Less leakage (zero (visible) leakage is almost possible) 4. NO flush water necessary. This saves on water and waste-water5. Hardly any shaft or sleeve wear6. Less maintenance effort - less maintenance cost7. Saves on energy due to less friction on shaft8. No sudden breakdown of pump due to packing or seal failure, because additional  packing compound can be injected during operation
Technical data:pH: 0-14V m/s: 12Max. temperature: 260°C Recommended anti-extrusion-rings: 2006/2060