SFSS has many years of Hose Reel experience and we are delighted to be working with Macnaught with this Hose reel range -- they have REEL TECHNICAL Advantages over many of our competitors - and very price competitive.

These Australian designed reels have made with added straanght and durability in mind. All spring rewind models have an external cartridge which allows cartridge replacement without removing the reel from its mounted position and no need to take the hose of the reel.

Some features of this range are :

- Full Flow Heavy Duty Swivels

- Twin Pedestal for strength and durability

- Adjustable guide arms and variable roller guidedirection for Versatility

- Heavy Duty Powder Coated Steel Construction (Stainless Steel Available)

- Fully Serviceable reels

- High quality Re-tensionable spring

Reels covering

- Diesel

- Compressed Air and water

- Cold and Hot water wash down

- Grease

- Oil

- Grease

So the versatility of these reels is virtually endless - covering application uses from workshops , factories , process plants thru to service trucks.

Please look over our technical information PDF or call us at anytime for your needs.