Hose Reels - SFSS and Macnaught background

SFSS -Fluid and Sealing Spray , have many years of experience with Hose reels , from working in Product and Sales management of major brands. We can offer an extensive range of hose reels from the industry leading polypropolene spring retractable reels - Macnaught RETRACTA , full enlosed metal casing reels , single and twin pedestal heavy duty spring rewind reels through to the Power Rewind Reel Range - these are available in 24 volt Electric , Pneumatic and Hydraulic rewind options. Our experience is based on many years gained in the Mining - trucks /service workshops, Fire appliance and Industrial applications.

We can also design and customise most hose reel solutions - at a competitive price.

SFSS are delighted to associated with Macnaught - and we are proud of the fact that this 100 % Australian Owned company that was founded in 1948. Macnaught designs and manufactures a full range of lubrication and fluid transfer equipment including grease pumps and guns, oil pumps and guns , fuel pumps, hose reels and flow meters.

If you want a true service and highly competitve quality products - try SFSS and enjoy the diffence.

REEL TECHnical solutions - from Real people !