At FRP Engineering, we supply only the best safety handrails. Available as custom fabricated handrails or modular kits, they come in either round or square profiles. All of our FRP handrail systems are designed to meet all Australian and New Zealand Standards including OH&S and building code requirements.

FRP handrails provide a superior solution to metal handrails for many applications. FRP handrails are:

  • Easy to assemble, does not require on-site welding – making for a more cost-effective solution than other handrail systems
  • Longer lasting compared to galvanised steel handrails
  • Easy to maintain, as they have low maintenance costs
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • UV and thermally stable

Our FRP handrails are suitable for different types of structures and applications. These include safety barriers, shop fittings, as well as extreme environments such as mining, oil and gas, electrical sub-stations, and chemical plants. They can also be combined with our other FRP structures, such as FRP platforms.

At FRP Engineering, our 100% in-house custom designed FRP handrails can be built specifically to suit your project with unlimited sizes and lengths.

To find out how our handrails are the perfect solution for your project