SFSS style 99 rubber expansion joint are specially designed in a spherical shape and the rubber ball is reinforced with steel wire and nylon and then finally vulcanised under high pressure. The joint is supplied with floating metallic flanges or FMBC unions. Because of it's spherical ball shape, it poses high resistances to explosion and it's elastic structure enable pipeline system to have the follwing characteristics.
SFSS Style expansion joints can be manufactured and supplied in the folling polymers to cover different fluid application- Neoprene EPDM Natural Rubber Nitrile Etc.
SFSS Style flanged end rubber expansion joints can be supplied with a number of flanges combination. THese flanges  included DIN, ANSI, JIS BS and other special type of flanges. The range can also be supplied with a variety of flange materials to suit a wide range of applications. These materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze, brass and PVC. No gasket and packing is requried, LOw cost due to mass production.
Product Applications
SFSS Style 99 rubber expansion joints are being widley used in piping and pumping application in the follwing industries.
- Suction and delivery pumping lines for air- conditioning,ventilation system and chilled water installation.
- Cooling towers and fan coil unit piping lines.
- Fire fighting and sanitary system.
-Pollution control system for sewerage and water treament.
- Power generation plan, marine cooling system, Ballast lines, paper industry, etc.....
These are widley used to absorb piping and piping and pumping equiment from moverment, isolated vibration, reduce systems nosie and compensate for misaligment.
Their special features will also eliminate electrolysis, counter expansion and contraction against start up surge forces.   

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