Material properties:TEADIT 24 HD is a non-asbestos gasket material made from expanded, pre-densified, pure virgin PTFE. The whole production process is subject to strict quality control, registered under DIN EN ISO 9001.
Application areas:TEADIT 24 HD is particularly well suited to compensate for out-of-parallel and/or damaged sealing surfaces, and where a certain remaining thickness is required.
Typical applications are heat exchangers, large containers, tank lids, pump housings, flanges, hand- and manholes, etc.
Technical data:Temperature range:  - 240°C up to +260°C, for short periods up to +310°CChemical resistance:  resistant against all chemicals from pH 0-14 (except molten alkali metals and elemental fluorine at high temperature and pressure)Pressure resistance:  vacuum up to 200 barDensity:  1,0 g/cm3,   +/- 0,1g/cm3 Aging resistance: TEADIT 24 BF does not age (please note: adhesive tape has limited shelf life!)Colour:  white
Product standard and recommended dimensions:

TEADIT 24 HD dimension (mm)

standard flange size

  4 x 2,5

up to DN 500

  6 x 4,6

from DN 500 up to DN 1500

  8 x 5,5

DN 1500 and larger

10 x 7,0

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TEADIT 24 HD is available on spools, with self-adhesive strip.
When choosing the best suitable dimension of TEADIT 24 HD, one has to take the available bolt torque and possibly damaged and/or out-of-parallel gasket surfaces into account.
Please contact us for available sizes, spool lengths, installation instructions, prices,