Material: Diagonally braided from high quality pure carbon fibre yarn, impregnated with graphite and a corrosion inhibitor.
Properties: TEADIT style 2200 lacks the usual stiffness of conventional carbon packings. Good flexibility and heat dissipating properties, very low coefficient of friction. Excellent chemical and thermal stability. Style 2200 is very well suited as top and end rings in combination with styles 2000 and 2100. It prevents gap-extrusion of the softer flexible graphite.
Application areas: Can be used equally well in pumps - also boiler feed pumps -, valves, mixers, refiners, etc. in many different industries like pulp- and paper, power stations, chemical and pharmaceutical industry and many more.
Application media: Style 2200 covers the full pH-range and can be used with nearly all media: cold and hot water, steam, chemicals, hot gases, alcohol, solvents, heat transfer agents, etc.
Advantages: Because style 2200 is a very affordable high quality all-round packing, many companies have standardized on it. Because its coefficient of thermal expansion is very similar to that of steel it needs less adjustments of the gland. Low coefficient of friction means low shaft wear. Its low specific gravity results in excellent economy. Style 2200 closes the gap (also price-wise) between conventional packings and pure graphite packings.Not suitable for: Highly concentrated corrosive acids.